Tool Manufacturing

The tool design and material is decided in consultation with the customer based on the detailing required and number of components needed.

Machined Aluminum Molds

Machined aluminum molds are typically built from the special quality aluminum plates available. They could be male or female molds.

Cast Aluminum Molds

The cast aluminum molds are cast at a foundry from a pattern of composite material or wood. They are machined on CNC milling machines. The cast aluminum molds typically are built for parts with large draw ratios.

The aluminum molds can be built with temperature controllers for better and consistent forming quality. The surface texturing is possible in aluminum molds.

Wood and Composite Molds

For prototyping and short production runs, cost-efficient composite materials are used for mold construction. They could be made out of wood, epoxy or with the combination of wood and epoxy. These molds produce parts that are to be evaluated for fit, form and function and may be modified to evaluate possible design changes. These molds are for vacuum-forming only and are not temperature controlled. These molds have a limited life.

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