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Innovative & Affordable Manufacturing Solutions

With over 2 decades of specialized experience in producing thermoformed parts and assemblies for our partners across industries, Acros has established itself as one of the leading heave gauge thermoformers in the country. With all key capabilities including design, prototyping and tooling inhouse, we are a one stop shop for all your thermoforming needs. Explore our capabilities:

We have a range of Thermoforming machines capable of making Robust parts from smallest to largest dimensions possible, all under one roof.

Further, our State-of-the-art CNC machines with 5 Axis trimming competency can cut out details with extreme accuracy, creating aesthetically superior, fully functional parts. Our processes are designed to work as per IATF 16949 standards that ensure the industry famous thermoforming quality at all our parts.

As a thermoformer we know the unique problems and requirements of Low volume businesses, and can cater to all their varying needs without losing scalability and efficiency.


Our expert team helps you with choosing the appropriate plastic material for your process and product. Plastics can have highly versatile properties; you need the right partner to help guide material selection to achieve your product and business goals We leverage our global network, and deep industry experience and connect to source the highest quality materials. Some of the materials which we work with regularly include, but are not limited to:


Explore our detailed material guide to understand how material selection in thermoforming works

Connect with out expert engineers to understand what material is best suited for your product requirement

The quality and consistency of products in Heavy Gauge Thermoforming is highly dependent on the quality of tool developed. We at Acros have deep experience and expertise

We offer multiple tooling solutions to fit your business case and requirement.

Primarily, We build three types of toolings:
Aluminum tooling: This is used for series production, tool life can be of the order of 5000-10000 parts and beyond.

Epoxy tooling: This tool is ideal when trying to establish your product into the market. This sort of tooling can provide up to 2000 parts.

Wood tooling: For prototype for early validation and one-off requirements wood tooling provides the right mix of speed and low tooling costs

Discover why aluminum is used in tooling development

For large complex projects there are multiple product hypotheses that can only be validated by creating prototypes which will then be validated. Thermoforming is uniquely placed such that production quality parts can be created in a fast and economic way.

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, a prototype is worth a thousand meetings” ―

Further you can validate the fits and finishes that suit your product the best. Also since the quality of parts delivered by proto route are equivalent in strength, fit and finish you can get a very high resolution understanding of what your final outcomes are going to be. In fact, tolerances achieved in these parts are also very close to the production specification.

- Our Design & Development Team provides active support in carrying out feasibility studies, tool designing & Manufacturing. We provide quick prototyping for new products.
- Soft tooling can be done to ensure you get good quality parts at very quick turn-around times.
- Leveraging 3D Printing to create quick, cost effective prototypes. (tools, parts, sub-parts)