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Acros wins prestigious supplier excellence award

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Acros has always been known for its commitment of quality and the promise of consistent delivery. We achieved a significant milestone by winning the prestigious supplier excellence award. In 2023 we concluded the development of critical interior and exterior plastic trims for a major tractor OEM pushing the boundaries of what was known to be possible in thermoforming.

The supplier evaluation was based on strict assessment of some of the top automotive suppliers in India taking into account metrics like quality, time to resolve issues, complexity and novelty of parts.

Our customer leveraged the full depth of our facilities from its dedicated facility in developing quick prototypes to our range of forming and CNC machines in our state of the art thermoforming facility. They leveraged our expertise in product development to improve their designs such that the cabin developed was one the best in the world.

When the customer came up with their bold designs many were skeptical of how well Acros would be able to execute. With the supply chain for one of the key parts the Integrated Roof being the most complex with components coming in from all over the world. But

With our highly experienced teams, staying true to the core mission of providing exemplary products. Not only did we develop the product in record time. We were able to scale up operations within 45 days to ensure the assembly line for the vehicle never stopped.