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Product Development

Customer requirements are studied carefully and specifications are altered suitably such that the thermoforming process can be applied. Careful consideration is given at the time of product development to critical aspects like fits and finishes, design for assembly, and achieving sustainable advantages for our customers.

Our product development expertise ensures that design for manufacturing is enabled right from conception to finalization of specifications.

Highly trained designers as well as product development engineers overlook this process. We encourage constant dialogue between customers and our product development team.


Acros has a range of thermoforming machines that can service requirements of parts upto 2000 mm x 3000 mm x 600 mm. Careful control of the process is enabled through fully automated machines that operate with proprietary software developed by acros. This ensures consistent quality at all times to meet the challenges of the thermoforming process.


Machining infrastructure consists of a battery of 5 axis CNC machines operated by highly trained and skilled operators. A unique feature of our machining capability in the CNC arena includes in-house developed CNC programs and toolings that ensure critical and tight tolerances are maintained consistently.


Assembly operations at acros are designed and developed to ensure the following:

  1. Easy and quick assembly for greater productivity.
  2. Use of inhouse developed expertise with assembly jigs and fixture.
  3. Carefully selected bonding materials which ensure high performance in demanding applications.

Our assembly operators are highly versatile and skilled to deliver quality assemblies to our customers.


We fulfill the customer's requirement for prototyping to ensure that operations, assembly and functioning of the product at customers end is fool proof.

Acros has unique dedicated infrastructure to carry out rapid prototyping of products to meet stringent timelines of customers.

Acros provides a single stop solution right from understanding needs, design of the product, production and assembly. We maintain extremely close control of throughput times and quality.