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Thermoforming is a unique process of transforming a plastic sheet into any 3D shape by using heat, vacuum and pressure. Thermoforming can be done on thin gauge sheets as well as thick gauge sheets. Thick gauge sheets are the ones where thermoforming is done for various industrial applications.

This is where Acros specializes. Our process capabilities enable us to thermoform any sheet from a thickness of 1.5 mm to 12 mm. We can thermoform various engineering plastics like PP, ABS, Acrylic, PC among others.

We assist our customers in selection of material. which may include properties like ESD protection, UV stabilization, fire resistance or anti microbial properties and several others. Our processes are designed to handle such requirements and applications.

Thermoforming is a complex process and we at Acros have perfected the technology and have gained expertise in handling materials such to bring them to the final desired stage. This includes design of dies and tools, process parameters and expertise.



  • Tractor Interior and Exterior Parts
  • Sprayer Shells
  • Lawn and Garden Tractor Components
  • Feed/Water Containers
  • Calf Housings
  • Bale Wagon Enclosures
  • Animal Housing Stalls
  • Seat Bases
  • Hood Assemblies


  • Dashboard Assemblies
  • Interior Door Panels
  • Interior Paneling
  • Seating Parts
  • Engine Bay Paneling
  • Exterior Body Panels
  • Bumpers
  • Air Ducts
  • Pickup Truck Bedliners


  • Medical Electronics Housing
  • Imaging (X-Ray, CT Scan, MRI, etc.) Enclosures
  • Bins & Trays
  • Hospital Room Panels
  • Hospital Bed Components
  • Stands & Support Equipment


Polymers are often Hygroscopic, meaning they will over time absorb water. While this doesn’t significantly impact the physical properties of the polymer. It does impact the processing significantly. Thus it is essential to have the right procedure and equipment to ensure that the moisture levels in the material are at the acceptable level. This is especially a challenge in tropical countries like India where there are 3-4 months wherein the relative humidity is above 80% constantly.


The thermoforming process involves heating and molding a plastic sheet using vacuum or air pressure. Vacuum Forming: One of the most economical thermoforming technologies is vacuum forming. During the vacuum forming process, a vacuum pulls thermoplastic material against a mold to create a contoured surface.
Pressure Forming: When aesthetics is important, pressure forming is the best option. Pressure forming uses both a vacuum to pull thermoplastic material into the cavity of a mold and air pressure to push it tightly against the surface. The extra pressure allows the plastic to pick up precise detailing.


Every thermoforming part has to get CNC trimmed to create holes, slots and get rid of the extra material. Plastics pose a unique machining challenge. From cutters to work holding and even machines we over the years have perfected the art and science of plastic machining. Our facility hosts three fully automated 5 axis CNC routers that can cut and geometry thrown at them. The last thing that customers want is beautiful parts not fitting or not getting their parts on time due to unreliable cutting.
When you develop parts at Acros you will see our designer working very hard to ensure that your requirements and design intent are at the core of our process designing. Check our programs to see which one is fits best your product development needs.


Acros as a solutions provider understands that customers want to simplify their supply chain from that simple understanding we have developed expertise in sub-part development and assembly that greatly improve the productivity of our customers.
We have established a robust assembly process and a wide vendor network helps us develop and integrate parts from multiple processes into our thermoformed parts. Such that the customer receives ready to use parts. We work with vendors into various processes such as sheet metal, rubber molding, injection molding and many more. We have also developed expertise in multiple adhesive chemistries to help you go as far as possible to deliver value to your products