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We at Acros understand that your needs go beyond having quality thermoformed parts designed and manufactured, and hence we aim to be your one stop solution that aims to take care of all your business needs by providing all the required ancillary services under one roof which include:

We provide various assembly solutions including but not limited to:

-Join multiple thermoformed plastic parts using solvent or structural adhesive bonding
-Add hardware to thermoformed parts that have holes or openings
-Integrate injection molded parts onto thermoformed parts to create a complete assembly
-Add machined or fabricated components (metal, plastic, etc.) to thermoformed parts
-Use adhesives to add hardware or other parts to the thermoformed parts
-Add your electronic components to the thermoformed parts
-Create sub assemblies or complete assembly of finished goods

We provide our customers with quality packaging solutions with built in ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Protection to preserve the parts from any damage while in transit. Our team takes utmost care in optimally packing parts, reducing damage risk which leads to a reduced rejection rate.

-Global vendor network enables us to source materials at highly competitive rates
-Our experience and expertise enables us to select the right set of materials and identify the best source for them

We use the agile philosophy across our teams and processes to deliver you, your products in a highly efficient way, keeping the cost and time as low as possible while still maintaining the highest of quality.