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  • Design and innovation solution

Design and innovation solution

Unlock the full potential of thermoforming to grow your business. We like to get associated with our customers early in the design process to ensure all manufacturing constraints are accounted for in the design process itself. Important aspects such as part cost, part assembly, fit finish considerations are all embedded in the part design itself. Such maturity comes from highly focused efforts over a large number of projects across years of successful years of operations. There are intrinsic benefits of thermoforming that can be realized by deliberate design for thermoforming. We at Acros can help you realize these by embedding these into the design itself. Depending on the project’s requirement, we have

Ideal for Companies who are conceptualizing the product, our team of design and thermoforming experts work closely with your team to design the product such that it leverages the advantages of thermoforming to maximum.


If your product is ready, and needs are clear, we help you optimize and adapt the product for the process of thermoforming, making it more aesthetically appealing, thermoforming friendly and cost effective